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John Ferroni

IPS Agency, LLC


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IPS Agency, LLC
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John Ferroni is an independent Income Planning Specialist. He is President of a company
called IPS Agency,(Income Planning Strategies).
John has specialized in Long Term Healthcare planning since 1995. He spent many years
training other advisors on Long Term Healthcare and worked with different carriers to develop
product and build their brokerage business across the country.
Since 2010 when John started IPS Agency, he took his Long Term Healthcare expertise and
incorporated income planning which consists of showing clients how to build wealth without
market risk, protect their estate from Long Term Healthcare costs, and distribute income to the
client that is guaranteed for life. Most people agree this is the best strategy for a stress free
Being an independent advisor means John can and will show you the best strategies that fit
your needs and budget in a very sensible way.
Let John show you how you can have a stress free retirement whether you are in your 30’s or
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